3 Best and Natural Ways to Get rid of Facial Hair, Its WOMEN Major Problem


The remaining product after refining the wheat grain is the wheatbran. This bran is a very healthy product and will help in giving the body all the nutrients it needs. But, wheatbran is also very effective as a cosmetic product and is used in making many facial scrubs and masks. It is a very effective facial scrub that helped in removing unwanted hair as well as is effective on facial wrinkles. The following are the ways wheatbran will help to remove facial hair naturally.
One to 3 tablespoons of wheatbran
One teaspoon of rose water
One tablespoon of milk
In a small bowl, mix wheatbran, milk and rosewater.
Apply this coarse scrub on your face evenly.
Leave it for a minute and then use your fingers to rub it gently on your skin in circular motion.
Make sure that you keep on scrubbing till the wheatbran dries up.
Leave it there on your face for a couple of minutes and then wash the face scrub off with water.
Repeat this procedure daily for a week or two and then use this procedure two to three times a week.
You will find that the scrub will help in reducing the growth of facial hair.


There are many women who suffer from unwanted hair growth on their chin and breast. This mainly due to a condition called hirsutism, where hair develops on the androgen dependent areas of a woman. It is found that mixture of lavender and tea tree oil effectively helps in curing mild idiopathic hirsutism in women. This means that lavender and tea tree oils have anti-androgenic properties and hence when applied on the face can help in removing unwanted hair.
Mix one teaspoon of lavender oil with 4-6 drops of tea-tree oil
Apply this mixture of oil on facial hair using a cotton ball
Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day for at least 3 months to remove the facial hair completely.

Reasons why you can suffer hair loss
Hair loss is a real nightmare for those who have to deal with it. It is one of the worst aesthetic issues that is common in younger individuals as well. The unappealing issue is caused by chronic stress, pregnancy, weight loss and menopause.
Your body feels whenever you are stressed, and hair loss is one of the ways it reacts. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance as well.


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